Volunteer: Short and Mid-term

Imagine Thailand is a platform for you to use your skills and abilities to make a difference in the lives of people in Thailand. If you'd like to give a few weeks or a few months to serve in Thailand, we'd love to hear from you. The two ways we facilitate volunteers are through short-term teams (one to three week commitment) or mid-term placements (typically three-month to one-year commitment).


We host several teams each year for one to three weeks. Our goal is to insure the effectiveness of the teams and the significance of their experience by:

  • Connecting short teams into existing and long-term projects.
  • Encouraging teams to participate in projects that have long-term impact.
  • Providing exposure to the complete scope of our work in Thailand, so that the vision of Imagine Thailand can be understood, captured and communicated.
  • Encourage teams to make repeat visits in order to build lasting relationships.
  • Partner international volunteers with Thai volunteers to break down cultural barriers that may exist with international only teams.
  • Attempt to match a team’s skill and personality capacity with the right recipient community.

Teams have taught English as a Second Language, provided teacher training, installed water filtration systems, participated in international student camps, built basic structures, run children’s camps, done Christmas presentations shared in churches and taught in Bible School and more. Optimum teams are 6-8 people, teachable, flexible and well prepared.

Short-term volunteers

We welcome specialized volunteers to serve in Thailand. Volunteers have assisted with media and communication, teaching English, developing our Human Resources and Development plan, teaching in churches, building houses, and more. Self-supported opportunities exist for:

  • Children workers and educators in Mae Sot
  • Business minded individual for enterprise initiatives in Bangkok and South
  • ESL and children’s workers for Takua Pa, Phang Nga Province
  • Corporate Social Responsibility program manager for Bangkok
  • Campus Ministry specialists in Bangkok

Typical minimum time requirements are three months for mid-term volunteers, though some positions require project completion. Opportunities do exist, from time to time, for short, intensive assignments for professionals:

  • Post-secondary educators teaching intensive courses at the seminary and/or university level
  • Water and sanitation engineers and consultants.

Opportunities exist for individuals, couples and families. Additional opportunities exist in Southeast Asia and in Thailand through the PAOC network. Further information can be found at www.impactasia.ca