Profile: Peter Dove

Executive Director, Imagine Thailand

Peter Dove (click for large version)Peter Dove is co-founder and Executive Director of Imagine Thailand, a Bangkok-based Christian social action organization specializing in linking the university and marketplace to marginalized communities. Imagine Thailand does this by leveraging the capacity of students, young professionals and businesses to bring real benefit and change to communities impacted by political or environmental dislocation in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Peter’s particular passion is in capturing the potential of university students and new graduates to create a new future for communities in need.  

Peter’s began investing into the potential of university students in 1994 as a Campus Minister with University Christian Ministry at the University of British Columbia, a division of BC Campus Ministries (BCCM). As Director of BCCM, Peter was instrumental in re-calibrating the organization and shaped a team that has developed one of the largest campus ministry initiatives in North America.   

Peter’s love for cross-cultural engagement and ministry began in 1986 when he first traveled to Eastern Europe to participate in student training and moving then-illegal Christian training material through restricted-access nations. After several trips back to Eastern Europe, Central America and Africa, Peter married Cavelle and together, in 2002, they joined the Thailand Field of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. 

Peter and Cavelle founded Imagine Thailand in order to create a platform for Thai students to be motivated, trained and sent to serve marginalized communities in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  In 2008 they opened Passport Café and Gallery on Chulalongkorn University. Through the café, Imagine Thailand sends dynamic teams of customers into places of service in Thailand.  

As an International Visiting Professor at Chulalongkorn University and as Co-Team leader of the Chula Leadership Project, Peter teaches basic leadership principles in class and facilitates outdoor education camps on campus for students to learn leadership and teamwork skills. 

Peter holds Bachelor degrees from Summit Pacific College and the University of British Columbia, where he specialized in English Literature and Intellectual History.  He also earned a graduate Diploma of Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. and nears completion of a Master’s of Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. 

Peter and Cavelle have three young boys and have been married since 1999. In addition to the university, Peter loves to travel, read, and discover undervalued real estate.