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Engaging with Entrance

Imagine Thailand’s commitment to invest in emerging leaders has taken on many forms over the years. Much like the young adults we work with, leadership development is diverse and varied. We believe in not forcing students into our models, but rather embracing ways to connect with young leaders. One expression of this was a cafe where students could meet in a third space and connect with others, their studies, and engage with topics of faith. In 2013, our student coffeehouse, Passport Cafe and Gallery, merged with Entrance Coffeehouse and Studio. You can read more about that partnership HERE.

Located next to Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest and one of the most prestigious universities, Entrance is a wonderfully inviting space where students come to be part of community. For many students, living in small dorms with little or no communal space or kitchen facilities, investing in studies, and keeping up with family life, leaves them with little time or space to reflect, to dialogue, or to ask questions where they might not otherwise be able. These factors draw students to Entrance - plus the coffee is good!

Hannah is our Imagine Thailand team member at Entrance. She’s been there since the inception and her work focuses on connecting Entrance with the university community and the approximately 40,000 students in attendance. When you sit with Hannah, it won’t take long to realize that her years of relationship with young Thai leaders has given her a rich view into the lives of those who will soon be shaping Thailand. Chula, as it is lovingly called, turns out leaders and these grads are going places. And before they go, there is a small window of time where Hannah and the Entrance team can invest into them. We believe the students carry those investments all over the nation and across the world.

To connect with the community at Entrance, check them out online or if you’re in the Sam Yan area, stop in at 148-152 จุฬาฯ 5 แขวง วังใหม่ เขต ปทุมวัน. We’d love to meet you there!

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