Youth Internship Program

Mentoring and empowerment opportunities for local youth

Youth: the key to sustainability

We believe youth are key to any successful, sustainable community initiative: that’s why we provide Thai, Burmese and International youth aged 18-35 with the opportunity to serve alongside Imagine Thailand in the communities we work with, primarily along the Thai-Burma border. This program helps to build youth into global citizens and bring increased awareness to the plight of children at risk.

What internship offers

The capacity building program provides mentoring, education, and the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills by developing and leading projects. Interns gain exposure to issues of children at risk, including health, education, citizenship, child trafficking, labour rights and psychosocial trauma. Depending on the background and interests of individual interns, successful applicants could:

  • teach English or Thai in a migrant school
  • lead children's activities and education
  • work on the Life Book projects that provides documentation and psychosocial support for stateless children
  • install and maintain water filtration systems and train others to do the same
  • propose, plan and implement a community-based project that aligns with their interests and meets the needs of their community

Interns also have the opportunity to network with other organizations on the Thai-Burma border, including Compassio, Mae Tao Clinic, Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee, Karen Human Rights Group, Karen Women’s Organization, Karen Youth Organization and Student and Youth Congress of Burma.

Post-internship possibilities

After completing a successful internship, youth posses new marketable skills that will allow them to pursue higher education, join Imagine Thailand as full-time staff, or find employment with another non-governmental organization. Wherever they go, youth have a new awareness of the issues affecting children at risk and become significant resources and advocates for the children in their community.

How to get involved

Imagine Thailand needs donors to help offset the $265 monthly cost of each Thai or Burmese internship (international interns are self-supporting). To make a donation, visit Send us an email to let us know you’d like to direct your donation to the Youth Internship Program. To find out more, contact us.