Community Health and Wellness Program

Helping communities prevent and treat basic medical issues

Overview: why health?

While working with poor and marginalized communities throughout Thailand, Imagine Thailand identified a recurring issue: a lack of basic education and supplies to treat common health issues.

The Community Health and Wellness Initiative aims to come alongside these communities as they work to improve their overall health. Imagine Thailand will provide schools, nurseries and daycares with health education, training for a designated health coordinator in each centre, a first aid medical kit and basic over-the-counter medical supplies.

Imagine Thailand will work in partnership with existing clinics and facilities where they are available and train local, paid assistants to take over the program within two years.

Focus 1: Treatment and education

Treatment and education will focus on basic health issues, including chronic pain, fever, burns and wounds, infections, cuts and rashes and gastrointestinal upset. Early education and treatment will help reduce the need to seek advanced medical attention for ailments, wounds and conditions that may have been treatable at an earlier stage.  

Focus 2: Medical supplies and equipment

Medical kits will include basic medication, gauze, bandages, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, lice shampoos and topical ointments, replenished on an on-going basis. All supplies are sourced locally, within Thailand.

How it helps

Stated simply, the cycle of poverty cannot be broken if students cannot go to school and parents cannot go to work.

Better health allows students to attend school on a regular basis. Families minimize economic hardship and loss of income due to illness and health related issues. We believe this initiative is one key area of a holistic approach to building healthy, self-sustaining, forward-looking communities.

How to get involved

To find out more about this project, how to get involved or discuss fundraising opportunities, contact us. To make a donation, visit Send us an email to let us know you’d like to direct your donation to Health and Wellness.