Engaging and Empowering Emerging Leaders

Connecting to university students and urban youth in life, leadership and faith

The leadership gap

Thailand’s fast growing economy and the post-secondary education system that supports it largely fails to create “world changers”—graduates who have the passion and capacity to bring real and meaningful change to their world.   

Since 2008 Passport Café, Imagine Thailand's primary student outreach platform, opened in July, 2008 and sits next to the sprawling 43,000 student Chulalongkorn University—Thailand’s most prestigious and one of the most influential universities in Southeast Asia. In April 2013 we launch a new era when we join with Entrance Cafe and Studio to cooperatively offers a wide range of outreach accompanied by great drinks, desserts and a music/media production studio. But more than that, it offers students the opportunity to explore issues of social justice, leadership and faith in a relevant context.

Where change begins

We believe in those who have society’s permission to bring change can do just that—catalyze change. We believe in a new generation of young adults who want to make a meaningful difference in their world. We believe in Thai students and young professionals who, stand ready to bring transformation to local communities and society.

Serving at Entrance Cafe and Studio in Bangkok, we aim  to capture the potential of young adult culture to bring real benefit among marginalized communities, in disaster zones, areas of conflict and among displaced peoples in Southeast Asia.

We develop the capacity of university students for meaningful service alongside young adults of faith, starting with multi-day camps, held three to four times annually in the marginalized communities where Imagine Thailand serves. This does not mean we are simply interested in social service alone. Rather, we believe Thai students and young professionals best apprehend the reality of spiritual truth in the rhythm of life, meaningful service and observing transformed lives. We also believe students deserve the opportunity to further explore the meaning of what they see demonstrated. We have made Entrance Cafe and Studio our home base for campus ministry.

How to get involved

Imagine Thailand needs donors to help subsidize the cost of students participating in life-changing camps. To make a donation, visit www.imaginethailand.org/donate/ and email us to direct your donation to Emerging Leaders Program. To find out more, contact us.