Imagine Thailand Discovery Tours

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Have you ever wanted to have first hand experience of what God is doing in Thailand, but didn’t know how best to do that?  Have you desired to see for yourself the impact of partnership in a local Thai community?  Or have you been curious to see Thailand, but want to be more than just a tourist?  Then we’d like to invite you to the Imagine Thailand Discovery Tour.

The Imagine Thailand Discovery offers the opportunity to see all that Thailand has to offer from a unique, purpose-filled perspective.

More than a tour; this is a vacation with a purpose. You’ll embark on a 11-day journey that will take you and your friends to Bangkok, Phuket, and out-of-the-way communities along the Thai-Burma border and Southern Thailand. You’ll not only see Asia’s most dynamic city and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, but also what God is doing through Imagine Thailand in three regions of this diverse and dramatic country.

During the tour, you will:
•    Visit communities and campuses not accessible to tourists.
•    Meet local Thai and Burmese people.
•    Learn about the 2004 Tsunami and the present situation.
•    Learn first hand about the Burmese refugee and migrant situation.
•    Travel in during the best time of year: cool season.
•    Be fully escorted by Peter and Cavelle Dove and national Imagine Thailand staff.
•    See what God is doing in the lives of many first hand.
•    Enjoy the astonishing beauty and diversity of Thailand.

Check-out the links below for exampes of PAST Discovery Tours.  Interested in being part of 2018/19 Discovery Tour, contact us here.

2012 Discovery Tour Brochure

2012 Discovery Tour Information Sheet