Profile: Cavelle Dove

Executive Director, Imagine Thailand

Cavelle Dove is co-founder and Executive Director of Imagine Thailand, a Bangkok-based Christian social action organization specializing in linking the university and marketplace to marginalized communities. Imagine Thailand does this by leveraging the capacity of students, young professionals and businesses to bring real benefit and change to communities impacted by political or environmental dislocation in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Cavelle is passionate about an action-based faith making a tangible difference in the life of a community, through grass roots initiatives like providing clean drinking water, improving basic access to education, or assisting in income generating projects. 

Cavelle has been active in community development on three continents. Beginning in Malawi and post-apartheid South Africa in 1995, Cavelle worked as a school social worker and community development worker in communities ravaged by AIDS and poverty. In Canada, Cavelle has worked as a Child Protection Worker and Community Development Worker with both the Province of Ontario and the Province of British Columbia. She also co-chaired a funding initiative through the United Way providing small grants to local community organizations for grassroots initiatives.   

In Thailand Cavelle has volunteered with ECPAT an organization-monitoring child trafficking and, since 2004, has worked for the Embassy of Canada as coordinator of the Canada Fund, a small grants program in operation throughout Thailand. In 2004 Cavelle coordinated relief and development initiatives to tsunami-affected regions of Thailand on behalf of the Canadian government.  She has also facilitated the Canadian Embassy’s peace and reconciliation efforts in the insurgency plagued Deep South of Thailand and as well as Canadian support to organizations serving the two million Burmese migrants living in Thailand. 

In addition to her work for the Canadian government, Cavelle has pioneered the permanent expansion of Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) into Southeast Asia.  ERDO has been instrumental in bringing assistance to tsunami-affected communities, victims of terror, Burmese refugees and those impacted by the Cyclone Nargis in Burma. Cavelle is passionate about developing an Asian rapid response disaster team, to specifically respond to disasters in regions not open to Western teams.  These initiatives are part of what Cavelle has called the “Thailand Good Neighbor Project,” which seeks to encourage Thai nationals to use their skills and training to bring practical, tangible assistance to neighboring countries. 

Cavelle holds a BSW from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and completed graduate work at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio, Philippines. 

Cavelle is the proud mother of three young boys, Matthew, Benjamin and Charles and has been married to Peter since 1999. She loves to bake, read, and play piano when she has a rare, quiet moment.